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This site is dedicated to create awareness about, how Positive Thinking, the Right Mindset & Your Subconscious Mind Power can lead to Greater Success & Happiness!

We believe that every individual is unique and so is every training requirement. Hence our transformation program modules are more of customized in nature, mainly distributed in the categories mentioned above.

There are many training Modules which majorly focus upon changing an individual at the level conscious mind. By nature conscious mind is known for resisting the change hence, there are many who still are not able to break free from past unresolved patterns of personal and professional disharmony.

The need is to spot the root cause of these unresolved issues coming from past painful situations due to Judgments, Insecurities, Fears, Hurt, Rejections etc... and eliminate the pain and toxicity associated with them. Once these painful associations are resolved people easily are able to progress in LIFE and achieve not only for the self but also for the corporate they work for as a motivated and energetic component of belonging to the system!

At ISTM we empower the individual to move beyond one’s inhibitions ensuring that each one of us live a powerful life. We achieve extra ordinary results for ourself as well as our community which includes our family, organization, society and nation.

Our well researched and scientific modules are some of the most effective SOFT SKILLS modules enabling individuals to embrace change, balance personal and professional life and perform at their peak potential.

We have grown tremendously and continue doing the same as we empower you to manifest a beautiful life through the wonderful you !

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Self Amplification Programs

Test Your Suggestibility
What is suggestibility?
Suggestibility is the basis of all the communication that takes place in our day to day life. Suggestibility is defined as the ability of every individual to process and interpret information.

This term was coined by Dr. John Kappas during his study of human mind. He studied more than 2000 individuals to widely categorize them in two categories upon a literal scale from 0% literal to 100% literal... Learn more...
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